Stephen Futral's Artist Statement

ARTIST’S STATEMENT for Stephen Futral

I to combine my formal training with the spontaneity and passion of what drives me to create. Sometimes the influences in my work are illustrated by a feeling of “joie de vivre, ” or by my travels and the ardors of the spiritual path.

There is always some struggle or tension of balancing body, speech and mind that comes through.

My work is often based on “first thought” as intensity, with passionately bright colors as urgency. Spiced into this can be found a sense of humor, that at times, perceives some sort of cosmic joke.

I usually like experimenting with technique and there tends to be a striking statement of freedom and immediacy, combined with an attention to detail that borders on compulsion.

If, in the end, the viewer comes away with some sense of satisfaction, upliftedness, smile on one’s face or a negative reaction, then I hope I’ve accomplished some “meeting of the minds” by viewing my art.

However the actual creative process is very relaxing, joyful and meditative for me. There’s a one-pointedness that allows me to be fully in the moment with the process.